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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Prints Huckleberry Hustler Loves

August 30, 2014 | Leave a comment

Check out these cool prints for your kids bedroom….

Cake Defender Print


Meow Poster


Fine Little Day  Eye & Pear Posters



Sailor Print


Moon Print


Father of the Year

August 19, 2014 | Leave a comment

Today is our son’s first birthday. So I thought I would share my husbands wise words on becoming a father and the lessons he will impart on our son. ….

should I be worried :-)

A big change is coming to my life and looking forward to the big day, like many first-time-fathers to be I’m sure, I can’t help but worry about what this change might bring. What if he grows up to be an asshole? Worse, a vegan? I worry about exposing him to bands like Metallica or Mars Volta, the appreciation of which will surely bring him nothing but the disgrace of his peers in that future generation.

I also envy the possibilities – his new, precious life spread out before him, full of innocence and potential. Like an overzealous ex-footballer-turned-unfulfilled-suburban dad on the sidelines of his son’s Saturday morning game, I will be there to impart my wisdom and knowledge. Though I’m sure he will resist – children never know what is good for them – I will teach him to appreciate all the groundbreaking musicmakers of our time, and he is lucky for it. His brain is my laboratory, my well. Into it I will stuff the books I choose, the television shows and movies I love, my opinion about politics and historical events, the neighbours, random people on the street. He will be my twenty-four-hour classroom, my captive audience, forced to take in and appreciate everything I deem worthwhile. He is a lucky, lucky boy!

And no one can stop me.

Minti Colours of Summer

August 16, 2014 | Leave a comment

We at Huckleberry Hustler are loving the Minti summer girls clothes, with gorgeous bright summer colours, bold artwork and the unique style that is Minti.  Checkout their range of skirts, dresses, tops and shorts here at Huckleberry Hustler..


Minti colours of summer


The Inventor

August 13, 2014 | Leave a comment

huckleberry hustler build-an-upcycled-inventors-box

Sometimes it’s often the simple things that provide the most entertainment. Boxes and cardboard roles can be turned into anything with your child’s limitless imagination.

Inventors Box

This is a great way to encourage creativity and also a good place to put those odd bits and pieces lying around the house. It also has some great prompts if stuck for ideas what to build.

Its another great way to entertain the kids inside during the hot UAE summer.


Dubai Summer Cool with Minti

August 5, 2014 | Leave a comment

Whether you are after that bit of edge, splash of colour or quirky detail your little one is bound to stand out in the playground in these stylish girls shorts.  Perfect for a hot UAE summer.  Check them out here at Huckleberry Hustler.

Minti Girls Summer Shorts


August 2, 2014 | Leave a comment

Huckleberry Hustler has just come across this great Kiwi website called Storypark. Here you can create stories, upload photos and videos of your child and invite family members so they can comment and keep track of the mischief and adventures your little one gets up to.

Storypark has been set up for teachers so they can send updates, photos and videos to parents while at work for a better understanding of your child’s learning and development. However it is also great for us expats here in Dubai and the UAE who are living away from family and want to keep a record of our children’s milestones in a private, easy to share application.

Check it out www.storypark.com