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Dubai Summer Cool with Minti

August 5, 2014 | Leave a comment

Whether you are after that bit of edge, splash of colour or quirky detail your little one is bound to stand out in the playground in these stylish girls shorts.  Perfect for a hot UAE summer.  Check them out here at Huckleberry Hustler.

Minti Girls Summer Shorts


August 2, 2014 | Leave a comment

Huckleberry Hustler has just come across this great Kiwi website called Storypark. Here you can create stories, upload photos and videos of your child and invite family members so they can comment and keep track of the mischief and adventures your little one gets up to.

Storypark has been set up for teachers so they can send updates, photos and videos to parents while at work for a better understanding of your child’s learning and development. However it is also great for us expats here in Dubai and the UAE who are living away from family and want to keep a record of our children’s milestones in a private, easy to share application.

Check it out www.storypark.com

The Minti characters….

July 30, 2014 | Leave a comment

Check out the Minti cast and characters…. These cool and quirky designs are on a range of boys t-shirts in a variety of colours. See them online here.

Minti Boys

Fun Indoors

July 27, 2014 | Leave a comment

huckleberry hustler fun inside

Here are some great activities to keep your kids busy while stuck inside over the hot Dubai summer months…

Flying School

Here is a great activity that can keep your kids entertained for ages. Making paper planes, decorating them and then flying them through holes in a poster board for points. Boys will love this!


Laser Maze

Kids will have great fun navigating there way through the crepe paper maze, pretending to be spies and ninjas on a mission.


Building a City

This is a good simple activity for the young ones and so easy, all you need is tape, blocks and cars. Blocks are wonderful for creativity and provide hours of entertainment and imaginative play.


Indoor Scavenger Hunts

No Time for Flash cards website has come up with a great list of Indoor scavenger hunts. It’s fun and educational with colour matching, sorting and counting…


Huckleberry Hustler loves…

July 24, 2014 | Leave a comment

Pigs_circles Huckleberry Hustler

We at Huckleberry Hustler love cute and quirky illustrations, which is one of the reasons we fell for Minti’s children’s wear designs and brought them to Dubai.   Check out this talented illustrator Lisa Loffredo’s blog, she always comes up with something whimsical around various themes. I particularly love these little pigs wearing underwear. She also does personalised artwork; how cool would it be to get an illustration of yours child’s favourite animal in whatever scenario your imagination comes up with, or if your child’s old enough let them be the Art Director :-)


Bonbonbox_personalized Huckleberry Hustler

The Perfect baby shorts for a summer in Dubai

July 22, 2014 | Leave a comment

Last summer I was on an endless shopping mission to find cool, and more importantly, comfortable baby shorts for my son. Surprisingly, even though Dubai is a shopping Mecca full of kidswear shops and fashion for children, I struggled to find stylish shorts with light fabric suitable for summer that is both comfortable enough for him to crawl around and nap in. I found that all the trendy and fashionable options were denim, which is not ideal to sleep in.

This is one of the reasons we brought Minti to Dubai. Minti is what was missing – unique and individual; cool and comfortable. I particularly love their comfy shorts with soft light fabric that is perfect for summer as it’s lightweight and light for the outside heat, while still able to keep the chill off from the air conditioning. And let’s not forget how cute the little boys and girls look in these super stylish pieces. They come in a range of colours and have the signature X on the back for that added street cool.

Check out them out..

huckleberry hustler and minti comfy shorts

Love these creative ways to display your child’s masterpieces

July 18, 2014 | Leave a comment

Kids Art Display Huckleberry Hustler

French pillows made from children’s drawings…

Some of these drawings are amazing! From il était 1x une, these make lovely gifts for friends and family and are super stylish.  Each cushion is a unique piece, entirely handmade in France.



Bring children’s drawings to life…

Apartment therapy has some great suggestions to showcase your child’s drawings… I want this duvet cover! They also have some other great tutorials for pillows, toys and crayon creatures.



DIY Tea Towels

I love this idea, it’s a fun activity for your kids, a great gift and very handy!




What a lovely way to show off your child’s art with their very own coffee table book.  Much better than keeping their art hidden away in a box, plus is a great memory for your child to look back on when they are older.


Encourage your child’s imagination

July 17, 2014 | Leave a comment

Huckleberry Hustler Imagination

We at Huckleberry Hustler love all things creative as you can see in our kids and children’s wear so each week we will be posting ideas and inspiration to bring more creativity and imagination into your life…

Sadly as adults a lot of us lose that vivid imagination we had growing up, where anything is possible and simple everyday objects have special power – boxes become space ships, cats are green and there are several monsters living your room.

Encourage your child’s imagination and unlock yours, below are a couple of parents with brilliant ideas that us at Huckleberry Hustler will definitely be doing with our little one!

If you’re living in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or anywhere in the Middle East we’re sure there are many ways you can bring these fun ideas to play.

Dinosaurs come to life

This one has been doing the rounds on the web for a while but I had to share, as I can’t wait to do this for my son when he is older. I’m already thinking of all the trouble these dinosaurs can get up to…


Designer dad and son’s Sumo Rats and Killer Mushrooms

Rob Kimmel’s has some fantastic ideas to spark imagination and create fun for your kids. Including half completed illustrations placed in your child’s lunch box to finish during the day, treasure hunts, storyboards . It’s time for some designer fun in Dubai!