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The Perfect baby shorts for a summer in Dubai

July 22, 2014 Uncategorized

Last summer I was on an endless shopping mission to find cool, and more importantly, comfortable baby shorts for my son. Surprisingly, even though Dubai is a shopping Mecca full of kidswear shops and fashion for children, I struggled to find stylish shorts with light fabric suitable for summer that is both comfortable enough for him to crawl around and nap in. I found that all the trendy and fashionable options were denim, which is not ideal to sleep in.

This is one of the reasons we brought Minti to Dubai. Minti is what was missing – unique and individual; cool and comfortable. I particularly love their comfy shorts with soft light fabric that is perfect for summer as it’s lightweight and light for the outside heat, while still able to keep the chill off from the air conditioning. And let’s not forget how cute the little boys and girls look in these super stylish pieces. They come in a range of colours and have the signature X on the back for that added street cool.

Check out them out..

huckleberry hustler and minti comfy shorts